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Where can I find someone to look after my garden?

Asked by David Malone 2 years ago garden

William V. Rodgers
Someone who would be able to look after your garden would typically be classed as either a gardener or a landscaper. There are many companies and freelancers that offer this service around the world, but you'll need to find one operating specifically in your local area. There are three ways to do this:

- Search online
A quick Google search should bring up companies offering gardening services near you. Even if they don't have a website, you should at least be able to find an address or phone number to drop in or give them a call to inquire.

- Check local directories
If you have no luck searching online, check your local directories. Many freelancers tend to advertise their services in local newspapers or directories like the Yellow Pages. You can also check websites like Gumtree and Craigslist.

- Ask around in your local area
You might also be able to find someone to help by asking people in your local area for recommendations. I couldn't find any landscaper near me but my friend let me know that the local tree surgeons in Maidstone also offered gardening services, and put me in touch with Valley Park Tree Care .

by William V. Rodg...  2 years ago

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Where can I find someone to look after my garden?

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